How to Paint a Boat Deck

Painting the deck of your boat does more than give it a visually appealing new look. The paint actually works to protect your boat’s deck from the weather. Mixing in a part of non-skid additive to the paint will allow you to create a surface that is less slippery especially during heavy rains or turbulent seas. When you paint the deck of your boat you are adding to the overall value of the boat and ensuring the safety of everyone who walks on deck and choose the right boat paint. Here are some simple steps you can utilize today on how to paint a boat deck.

Step 1.
You want to remove as many pieces of hardware from the deck of the boat. If you have any pieces that can not be removed because of stripped or rusty bolts, simply cover them with painter’s tape.

Marine Deck Paint

Marine Deck Paint

Step 2.
Using the painter’s to separate the deck from the other surface of the boat. You can run the tape along the edge of the deck and wherever you do not to see any of the paint.

Step 3
You want to identify areas of the deck that will have foot traffic, and section that area off with tape from areas on the deck that will not see any traffic.

Step 4
If your boat deck has very large sections it is best to divide up those areas into smaller sections with a piece of tape. These sections should be no wider than four feet.

Step 5
Begin painting any areas of the deck that do not have foot traffic. Use a roller to get a more smooth finish. In tighter areas you can use either a tiny roller or a small brush. Semigloss paint has the best results on the exterior of the boat, and working in four foot sections you should be able to move fairly quickly around the boat.

Step 6
Now as you approach the area of the deck that does experience foot traffic, you want to make sure you prepare the paint with some non-skid particles. Be sure you have finished all the other areas of the boat before you turn the paint into a non-skid paint.

Step 7
Take your non-skid paint and begin working in the areas you sectioned off as foot traffic locations.

Step 8
Once finished in the foot traffic location, take off all the painters tape from around the boat and allow the paint to cure for a few hours. Depending on the temperature and the manufacturer of the paint, drying times may vary.

Step 9
The paint is dry, enjoy your beautiful boat.


More First Time Buys – Tampa Boat Show

Just caught this news that says there are more and more first time boat buyers and owners this year at Tampa Boat Show.

The Tampa Boat Show runs Friday through Sunday at the Tampa Convention Center.

The Tampa Boat Show runs Friday through Sunday at the Tampa Convention Center.


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